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Microblading is done using a very small blade made up of very small needles and only penetrates into the epidermis, using special pigments to enhance natural features, allowing us to apply the pigment in hair strokes to simulate the look of the natural brow. A trained and certified technician performs the service giving you the look of natural, fuller, and more attractive eyebrows. Usually two sessions are required, with one coming four to six weeks after the first to allow proper healing. The procedure is relatively painless, and you can go about your day as usual once we're done.

 The benefits of never having to pencil in your eyebrows are well worth it. Just wake up and go—there's no more reason to worry about the look of your eyebrows.

Cost is for both Eyebrows

Microblading & Shading-$400 
Shading Only- $350

6-8 week touchup $75

12-18 month touchup $200

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