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Fine Lines

Nano Hair Strokes


      Nano strokes are hair strokes that are created with a machine vs a microblading hand tool. A single needle is used for a soft hairstroke. Where Microblading implants ink with a small cut, nano strokes are created with tiny connected dots to create a line. Overall, nano strokes can last longer than microblading but the overall appearance when healed is the same and both require skin that is dry or normal, however nano strokes can be done on oily skin types with the understanding that maintenance may be required more often. For mature ladies this is a better option over Microblading.  You should expect the micro-pigmentation to shrink and fade 40% in the healing process, so some are shorter, some are longer, and some are darker and lighter for a hyper realistic result.  Think of nano brows as “Digital Microblading”. and every brow is custom designed to follow the natural pattern of your own hair growth.

Cost is for both Eyebrows

Microblading/ Nano Hairstokes-$350
Nano Strokes & Shading-$400 
Shading Only- $350

6-8 week touchup $75

12-18 month touchup $200

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